Living Waters Photos 2005

Mni Wiconi Wacipi
August 2005 - Our first ever Mni Wiconi Wacipi "Living Waters Powwow" and Family Camp was an awesome success on all accounts. Over two hundred people attended the camp and nearly four hundred attended the powwow with seventy in full regalia dancing. Dozens of stories were told of how our Heavenly Father encouraged, strengthened and blessed those in attendance.

One woman convinced to attend by her friend, went back to her room crying after the first night her heart was so full of loneliness. She was so impacted by the abundance of love she saw and experienced among the brethren that her "lostness" was like a ten ton weight on her heart. At the early morning sunrise devotional time, led by John Grovenor and Casey Church, in tears she committed her life to Christ. There was a lot of crying during our days together as people met together to pray and encourage one another in the Lord. More than forty teenagers attended and "had a blast" and can't wait for next year. Corey Greaves and his wife Gina from the Yakima Reservation did an outstanding time with the youth and will be returning next year. The "talking circles" were one of the highlights, especially the women's circle led by Laura Church. Due the generosity of many people we were able to provide full scholarships to dozens of native families, who otherwise, would not have been able to attend. A huge THANK YOU to each of you who sent in gifts so generously! In the opinion of our Wiconi staff, this was THE BEST THING WE'VE EVER DONE!
Traditional Dancers
Daniel Twiss
Richard Twiss, Casey Church, and children
Our traditional powwow, for a first-time event, according to all our powwow people, was a huge success. All of the nonbelievers who came and danced left saying what a good time they had and said they looked forward to attending next years event. The two traditional drums groups who came did a remarkable job singing and drumming all day for us, said they would be honored to be invited back next year; so we will. Jesus Christ was clearly honored and exalted as Creator and God during the prayers and welcoming times. Dancing with Katherine, my son Daniel, mother Winona LaPointe, and two sisters, Elaine and Laurie was a huge highlight, but a "small" but significant highlight for me took place as nearly thirty of us floated down the small creek in inner tubes. For forty minutes we laughed, joked, and teased each other on a hot afternoon as we drifted in the meandering creek forming new friendships and strengthening our existing ones. The food and facilities were very good. Please mark your calendars and start saving to attend our 2nd Annual Living Waters Powwow and Family Camp next August 2006!
The children of Rev. Casey & Lora Church
Lora Church & son
Richard with Corey & Gina our Youth Leaders
Youth at Lunch Table
Youth & Mother Prays with Rita
A family joins us from BC, Canada

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