Who's Garments Are You Wearing?

Charlyne Lane report on "The Ladies' Teas"
Whose Garments Are You Wearing?
Once again I stand amazed at how God works. We went about hosting the Ladies Teas that we knew we were to host and then "we" decided that the tea in April would be our last until the fall.

Shortly after making that decision Janet (the pastor's wife at Cedar Creek) called asking if we were coming to host a tea there. The request came to do a Ladies Tea at Cedar Creek Oklahoma Indian Missions Church, in Carnegie, Oklahoma, months before and we continued to pray asking God if we should host another tea there (you may recall we had one there last year around the same time). We had sought the Lord about it and really didn't sense direction from Him at that time.
Left to Right
Debra - Liz - Char - Cathy
Within a week of making that decision came the call from Janet, Howard had taken the call and when I received the message my heart sunk. I didn't want to call and tell her we were not doing any more teas until the fall. I decided to call Liz and Deborah and see what they thought about it, all three of us believed it was a direct order from the Lord. And to confirm, the date worked out for all three of us, which is a miracle in itself.
We all became very excited about the tea immediately! We prayed and then met to discuss what the Lord would have us share. We decided on the theme “Who's Garments Are You Wearing?"  The message would be “A tale of a journey.”
The Lord began to work immediately and it came together so wonderfully.  In fact, during our meeting we decided, because of the importance of recording our journey in life, that we should hand out journals to the ladies as a gift. The very same day we went into the Dollar Store and what did we find, but journals with teapots and tea cups on them. Now only God can order that!
We discussed asking Tonya (Deborah's sister) who is a psalmist, if she could write a song using the theme. Tonya lives in Mississippi. Not only did she write an anointed song, but she drove at her own expense to sing it for the Carnegie ladies.
Prophetic song and dance were part of the illustrated message that God used to change lives forever.
We also had Kim, who dances for the Lord, come and she ministered beautifully to Jonathan Maracle's song, "We Dance for You Alone".
To top off all the blessings, He ordained for Cathy Kable to come from Pennsylvania. Cathy spent seven years ministering on Rosebud Reservation where Howard and I lived and worked for four years; she had previously met some of the women at Cedar Creek a few years back when Howard and I led a short-term mission team there.
Once again we see how God brings together people from all over to perform His purpose. The four of us, Cathy, Deborah, Liz and I shared verbally, but Liz had the main message in her heart to share. I have asked her to share with you what she saw happening at Cedar Creek that day. So I introduce to you via the newsletter  my dear Covenant sister Liz...
The tea at Carnegie will definitely be one I shall never forget. Many changes took place in their lives on that beautiful day set aside just for them by our Dad! Lives were changed because of our obedience to Him! A Prophet was born, A vessel was put back together again - piece by piece, A dancer was set free, A heart was healed, A daughter was called by her name to come out - come forth like Lazarus, He waited patiently for one daughter to come and to another he told her he'd be her blanket. Hope was birthed in their very lives, in their very hearts!
What took place in us, as we were His extension has changed us forever! It was truly a tea like no other. To one of the ladies present that day, He set another appointment just to minister to her one on one. He showed them how much they mean to Him and allowed for me to experience the sound of His heartbeat for them, which had the sound of a steady drum. It was an awesome experience to see them set free before our very eyes and embrace what the Father had for them in a longing manner. He paid us all a very special visit that day - He walked in as our Father and loved on us like only He can do! It was an honor for the four of us to be used that day to serve His daughters!
Tears of Joy for a release into freedom
So our last Ladies Tea for the spring season was May 27, 2006. God met us at the tea; He ministered to all (including the ministers). What an awesome God we serve. Just in case you didn’t catch it, our teas are not the typical—they’re God ordained and God blessed because He comes.

There are no photos of the women who took part in this ministry because it was a very private time with the Lord and it seemed inappropriate to photograph them.


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