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Pakistan Report March 2006
My good friend and fellow world traveler, Pastor David Gomez, led a Dancing Our Prayers Team to Sialkot, Pakistan, this past March. Dave and I have traveled together to Pakistan, Argentina and Peru. Dave has traveled to many more countries including Brazil, Scotland, France, England, Israel, Fiji, and many others. We share a common vision and passion to see First Nations believers empowered, equipped, and given opportunity to follow both Abraham’s and Paul’s example to present the Gospel of the Kingdom to people outside our own borders and peoples. We have witnessed without exception that when Native people are able to go to another country and serve other people in evangelistic, training, and humanitarian projects, they are dramatically impacted and changed once they return home. In spite of our impoverished, marginalized and disenfranchised place in American Christianity, especially in world missions, these opportunities open our eyes to see another side of the Kingdom that is often hidden under the cloud of these socio-economic and religious realities. We are able to experience the new reality we have in Christ as anointed and gifted ambassadors of Jesus Christ as ministers of reconciliation.
The following report was co-written by Jim Uttley, our communications coordinator, and myself, after interviewing Dave and other team members.
According to our dear Pakistani friend and co-laborer in Christ, Anwar Younas, thousands of people traveled from far and wide to attend the Pakistan Leadership Conference and Harvest Festival. “We have never before seen such a powerful wave of the Holy Spirit in Sialkot as we experienced during this conference,” said Evangelist and Pastor Anwar, conference organizer.
Two years ago, 175 leaders came to our leadership seminar. This year, between March 29 to April 2, 2006, as many as 500 church leaders from many denominations and an estimated 30,000 in total attended the Harvest Festival. Organizers indicate that 7,350 people filled out decision cards indicating they accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. There were reports of many receiving physical healing as well.
Special speakers for the conference included Pastor David Gomez of Jerusalem Center, Rev. Mike Robinson, Pastor Bobby Jones and Pastor Dave Ben, all from Oregon. “We tribute their tremendous courage to march forth with a mission to save, bless and shake this nation,” stated Anwar Younas. “Not only Christians but also non-Christians got transformation, healing, and salvation. We are feeling a breakthrough in the spiritual realm and that heaven opened over our city.”
David commented that after the conference, at least 50 pastors came up to him to express their gratitude for coming to encourage and challenge them.  “It was a moving sight.”

Pakistan is an extremely challenging area as it is the hub of Muslim missionaries. According to Younas, “many unreachable people don’t have a chance of hearing the message of salvation in this predominantly Muslim society. They are crying out for salvation. The Lord’s heart does beat for Pakistan, the souls are dying without salvation. The need of the gospel is most urgent.”
Christian churches in Pakistan are facing tremendous struggles for identity and integrity in this Muslim society. The Christians are, for the most part, the poor and needy. “As a minority people they suffer from educational and job discrimination. Their self-esteem is low and, at times, their future seems hopeless.”  After the recent Muslim outrage over the “Danish cartoon” situation, and President Bush’s visit to Pakistan, all the churches in Pakistan closed for two-weeks because of the potential violent Islamic extremist backlash, according to Anwar.
After the Dancing our Prayers team’s ministry, an Anglican pastor told how he was encouraged to stand with courage. “I had been disappointed as I have had to face everyday challenges and questions of non-Christian people in arrogant and ridiculous ways. But now I have great reasons to stand with solid answers from the heart of God…”  A Presbyterian pastor told the team, “We are feeling [renewed encouragement] as the Lord is moving among this deadly and dried spiritual ground.”
A pastor from the Church of God in Sialkot commented how the team challenged him “not to lose passion and hope but to grow and stand in affirmed faith in Christ.” This “touched my heart and encouraged us.”  A Pentecostal pastor said that the conference was awesome leaving “great impact on our churches to work in unity. As Gomez called us to prayer together, touching each other should [be] as the rains of rainbow touched us…”  Younas reports that numerous testimonies are still coming in from people who attended the conference.  “With great challenge, I put a call in Jesus’ name upon you that this nation truly needs salvation and is calling your name.”
This was Wiconi’s second team. The pastors conference and Harvest festival was sponsored by Hujji Ministries International, Jerusalem Centre, and Wiconi International. Here is our latest email from Anwar, appealing for us to return.
“Dear Brother Richard Twiss, greetings from the churches in Pakistan: I am reminding you again and want to put in your mind again, that we beg, please don’t forget Pakistani nation. We are in great hope that this time you will not lose any hold for Satan to take away your opportunity to be here, I can remind your words that were in your Smoke Signal that it’s very first time in your history to left any thing incomplete. I am reminding you again and want to put in your mind again, that we beg, please don’t forget Pakistani nation. And we are in great hope that this time you will not lose any whole for Satan to take away your opportunity to be here. We hopeful and anxiously waiting for Native American people; we are very warm, privileged and excited about your acceptance of our invitation to bring your Dancing Our Prayers team in March 2007, to rise up and bless this nation. We believe it is the time of salvation and transformation of this needy nation. We are planning the huge Crusade in evening and Pastors Conference As well.”
Special thanks to all who prayed and gave financially to bless the leaders and people of Pakistan! Please pray about joining our team in March of 2007 and helping us spread the word to raise the needed finances. Our primary goal for next year is to equip Pakistani believers with a vision for missions to the other Islamic nations of the world, and beyond – Missio Dei!
For Dave and the team members,
Richard Twiss


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