The trip to Rosebud I almost missed


The trip to Rosebud I almost missed
By Charlyne Lane

Wow, how do I describe what took place from my perspective on our Rosebud trip?  In order to express what took place I need to take you on a journey from the past. Those of you who have been with us from the conception of our ministry will enjoy a recap and those who are new will discover more about us.

It has been ten years since we left Rosebud Reservation, after spending four years working with the Lakota people. We always said we left a piece of our heart there when we left to pursue what we believe God was calling us to. Since that time Howard and I returned five times for brief trips.

During our time on Rosebud when people asked us what we were doing there, our answer was always the same “building relationships”, somewhat sheepishly I might add. Sent forth to a reservation to “build relationships, what happened to “Sent forth into the entire world to preach the gospel?” Isn’t that what missionary work is?  Preaching comes in so many forms.

During that time we mostly worked with children and youth.  I remember God continued to remind us that our calling there was to love people, and build relationships.

Little did we know then, or even know a few months ago, that God was asking us to go on a short term trip that would forever change the way we look at our past time on Rosebud.

It all started when Howard was scheduled to go on a trip with Wiconi to Rosebud. Richard Twiss taught an immersion class that was presented in conjunction with Wiconi International, Sinte Gleska University and Sioux Falls Theological Seminary, and Howard was scheduled to film the classes.

Howard asked me if I wanted to go with him on this ministry trip since he was headed for Rosebud. I had already decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to stay home this year for a multitude of reasons. But the question kept coming to me, “Is God asking me to go to Rosebud, and if so, what would I do there?” So I began to seriously pray about the trip.

Cathy Kable also served on Rosebud for several years, six of those after Howard and I had left. She was checking out the Wiconi web site and saw the upcoming Rosebud trip and asked if I was going. At that point, God began to speak to us through our telephone conversations. We had a real sense that God was asking us to take a “Ladies Tea” to the young girls, now young ladies who we had worked with on Rosebud.  That was the beginning of our journey; the next step was to ask Liz and Debra, the ladies who minister with us during the “Ladies Teas,” if God was speaking to them.  The four of us had not hosted a Ladies Tea since May 2006. The word was “to take the tea”. 

We began to meet and pray, and God began to speak. He told us He would take care of every need and He did.

During one of our prayers times He spoke very clearly that Howard was going ahead of us to prepare the way, to break the ground and every place He walked he would break up the ground.  Howard was sent on a task of filming, but God sent him as a mighty warrior ahead of us, to prepare the way. As we traveled to Rosebud it gave us peace knowing Howard traveled the road before us preparing the way.

Through donations of people here in Oklahoma (including our son Nathan; this is significant because of the time he spent on the reservation as a child) we were able to provide a lunch for the ladies complete with dessert and flavored iced tea. We gifted them with gift bags containing journals and pens, body cream, beauty products from Mary Kay, beautiful candles, and fruit flavored lip balm. The bags were a very special gift from their Daddy God!   He gave them a gift just because He loves them.

A handful of people provided what we needed to feed them an awesome brisket lunch (which was our host pastor’s favorite meat), give gifts bags, and invite them to hear the Word of God shared by Liz. They were so ready for a date with their God!

I tremble at the thought of how He might choose to take our love and obedience to Him and use us mere men and women. We love Him so we obey Him and He takes our simple obedience turns it into something magnificent! Only He can do that, only Him, none other than the Almighty Creator God of the Universe.

He made our ministry time so personal, so intimate, it was incredible. I was there and I can’t adequately explain it. The ladies received a lot of ministry, and they were very grateful. They were desperately waiting to hear from God.

One of the young ladies emailed later to say “Thank you all for coming, I am so glad you all came it was just what I needed to get back on track, now I will be okay.”

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