Oaxaca Proposed Schedule

Proposed Group Schedule
Isthmus Visiting Team/8-16 Nov 2008

Purposes of the Teams:
* Affirm and Encourage Indigenous believers, leaders in Christian life – through
personal dialogue, teaching & sharing stories, service projects, and shared experiences
* Survey specific needs for future project ministry potential
* See first hand God’s work among Indigenous leaders and followers

Daily Basic Schedule   (November)
8 – Arrival flights in Oaxaca City, meet YWAM hosts, and La Comisión Indígena Assistants, Option to visit Monte Albán, accommodations at YWAM/Oax City
9 – Option for Sunday AM service, Depart for Santiago Lachiguiri, possibly visit/share in PM meetings with 1 or 2 local churches in Lachiguiri. 
10, 11 – Meet Town President, offer honor gifts, request a community meeting on the basketball Court  that night or the next day
*Possible morning/afternoon visit to public schools
*There’s a request for Native Am. visitors to record a session or two on DVD and load online with Garret Jackson, Agapé Bible School, small garden porch behind missionary Sheri Burk’s house.  www.ampbs.org  
*We could meet the Doctor at the town Clinic, and offer medical or dental services if professionals are with us.
*Basketball! in afternoon, this can easily lead into an evening presentation on court; Richard & Co to take lead with this also.  Occasionally we’ll have a message challenge then prayer groups or talking circles and some refreshments after a time like this to interact with everyone.
*Possible Native life skills or crafts gathering if we have leader/speakers for that.
 12-14 Anyone attending the Palau/Huatulco event (12th) leaves in the morning, about a 4-5 hours costal drive. 
Everyone else heads for La Ventosa, 2 hours down mountain.  On the way, we check in to a Hotel in Juchitan.  Travel 40km out to La Ventosa “Rancho Soledad” to La Fiesta Grande, hosted by Sr. Porfirio Montero, former State Diputado.  Program begins about 6pm.

Mike Hendricks and La Comisión Indígena have been providing a Youth Ministry track of sessions and events for Indigenous youth and their leaders for about 5 years.  We have requested of Sr. Porfirio to have Richard Twiss and Wiconi team to be presented and given some appropriate time on their main stage and with us at the Youth Forum.  There will be a special emphasis this Conference for adults on marriage and family issues and ministry; we can follow that theme and add to that in our presentation.  Most attendees are from Zapotec, Mixe, Chontal, Tzozál tribes, and a few from the Mixteco regions of western Oaxaca, about a 200 mile radius - there are usually over 1000-1200 in the later evening sessions. Oaxaca State Governor Ulises has attended and spoken the last 2 years.

14 – 15 Wiconi, Forward Edge, and Comisón Indígena teams return to Oaxaca City for          Dr Palau’s event opening sessions.

During the dates we are in the Isthmus, at least another 2 ministry/project/survey groups can be hosted if we have volunteers to make up a couple more teams: 
1. the Nochixtlán area with Joel Hernandez, at their home and Asamblea de Dios Church
Huajuapan area with Centro Biblico, Pastor Heriberto Ledezma, Roberta Esteva,  Gerardo Gálvez.


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