Chapman Report

Jerry & Leslie Chapman Report
Here’s a journal of Jerry and Leslie Chapman’s recent ministry travels…

May 20… was the Kelso (WA) School District's Indian Education Annual “In Honor of Our Children” Powwow.  Dancers and vendors very well attended the event. Jerry put out a challenge to our local community and civic leaders to take the time next year to experience first hand First Nations culture here in our own back yard.

May 25-29… Jerry, Leslie, Mike and Rene Greely  traveled to Ketchikan, Alaska to minister at several Gathering meetings as well as at a local church service on Sunday, where they joined local musicians to complete the worship team. We were so blessed, first of all, by the beautiful summer-like weather. What a surprise! But more importantly we were touched by the generous hospitality of the people.
We started with a dinner and protocol with the gatherings core group on Thursday, ending the evening with a short worship practice. Friday, our host, Joe Williams, took us on a tour of downtown Ketchikan.
On Friday night, we did a worship night at the auditorium of the new community center in Saxman. Things started off slow but we hit a breakthrough about an hour into worship and there was great freedom released by the Holy Spirit that night.

On Saturday, Jerry spent the morning in much needed rest and study.  It was such a blessing for him as he had been working 10 to 12 hour days, five days a week driving truck for several weeks. Mike and Rene and I went shopping. In the afternoon, Mike went fishing while Suzie Williams took Jerry, Rene and I, on a tour of the south end of the island.

Saturday night was the regular gathering meeting at the A&B hall. There was good mix of people, with testimonies of healing and salvation, and of relationships that were growing out of the group. The Lord is moving powerfully in this gathering many have been blessed in ways where they may not have happened elsewhere.

On Sunday, we worshipped at Good News Church and Jerry shared a word from the Lord that was weighing heavy on his heart. But true to the Holy Spirit, our First Nations brethren received the word and were most grateful to Jerry for being obedient in delivering it. It also opened the door to do a prophetic reconciliation prayer that afternoon on the original main street of Ketchikan. This was something the Lord had shown us before we left but didn't know where or whom it would be done with until after the word was delivered on Sunday. 

Sunday night, we had a worship gathering at the Salvation Army church. There was a great turnout with many worshiping in the dance of their culture for the very first time. Wow!  We are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with so many new friends. Our hearts were most assuredly full when we left Ketchikan, Alaska. Thank you, Lenard & Debbie Nance for the invitation.

June 2...  Funeral for Jerry's sister. Shortly after arriving home from Ketchikan, Jerry received word that his sister Paullette had died. So directly upon returning home we began making plans to join Jerry's family in Chilliwack, BC, where Jerry prepared to minister for the first time at the funeral. Being the service for his 55-year-old sister, it seemed to be an overwhelming task, but the Lord knows and sees all things and prepared Jerry with showers of grace. No one else could have done what the Lord did through Jerry as a brother, a son, an uncle and a father. Reconciliation and restoration has begun to take place among family members in this time of sorrow, and for that we are truly grateful. Words cannot express how much your prayers, support, emails and cards mean to us. Thank you for your kindness and concern.

June 17 & 18... we headed up to Chilliwack, BC, for another Gathering meeting and church service. Jerry led worship and taught. Joining Jerry in worship were Leslie, Mike & Rene Greely, Jeff and Jay McKenzie. Once there, we joined the worship team from Harvest Church in Chilliwack. That was definitely a good time.  There was a very good turnout for the Gathering. The Lord led Jerry to share a word he was not planning on sharing and it really ministered to several individuals.

On Sunday, we did worship with Harvest Church and joined them in honoring fathers. We are so thankful for this connection in the North. Jerry and I believe the Lord had even greater things in store with this relationship. A really big thank you to Phil & Jewel Weston for facilitating the Gathering and worship as well as hosting our entire team in their home. Out of this connection with Harvest Church and Pastor Keith Abraham, we have been invited to be a part of an eight- hour worship time in Amsterdam this coming November. We are actively seeking financial support for this trip and would ask you to pray and determine if the Lord would want you to invest in sending us on this ministry trip. We will need to purchase tickets before summer’s end.

June 24… Jerry and I headed over to Keller, WA, to join our friends on the Colville Reservation for an Honor Service. Our plan in going is to support friends in encouragement, prayer, and service. We left early Saturday and returned on Sunday. Thanks for your prayers as it was a long drive in a short amount of time.


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