Chapman Report 2006

Chapmans minister in Holland, England, Tennessee, and Missouri
On November 8, Jerry and Leslie Chapman took a team of seven to Holland. They accompanied Pastor Keith Abraham of Chilliwack, B.C., who has been ministering in Holland since 2000 with the mission to “tell the leaders of Europe that they must prepare themselves for a fresh move of God’s Spirit that is coming to Europe.”
When they first received the invitation to join Pastor Abraham, Leslie says, “Jerry and my hearts jumped. We returned home to pray and heard clearly that the Lord intended that we go. Mike and Rene Greely also felt the Lord’s call to go. A few months later Jeff and Jay McKenzie committed to go as musicians and Jeff’s wife Jan went as an intercessor.
According to the Chapmans, preparation for the trip was a challenge as far as having time to practice. It was “a bit of a struggle spiritually. Everyone was excited right before leaving.
“I was given a word by the Lord for our time in Holland,” says Jerry. “I didn’t know who the word was for but I was prepared with the word but not feeling like it was a primary focus. Worship was the focus, so I thought.”
The first meeting an eight-hour worship gathering in a remodeled Rotterdam theatre behind a Christian bookstore. The church owned the store as well as the rest of the upper stories of the entire building. Pastor Keith envisioned the team bringing First Nations worship to Rotterdam. “He believed that there would be a release through it,” says Leslie.

Not knowing the Dutch language seemed unfortunate during the prayer time. “Knowing what was taking place in the Spirit was amazing.”
There was prophetic vision from many in attendance as well as repentance and reconciliation. Communion was taken over and over again. There was healing and deliverance all happening at the same time.
Pastor Abraham shared with the team afterwards that the meeting was more than he could have ever expected and he felt more than satisfied with what went on.
Jerry woke up early Sunday and finished preparing for the message. “God brought peace and boldness for His Word for this church at this time,” said Jerry.  “It is the largest church in the community and they had been going through some struggles that we knew nothing about.”
At lunch that day, Pastor Abraham shared with Jerry and Leslie about how the word the Lord gave Jerry to share was exactly what was needed. He said it would set the congregation up for the message he would deliver the next night. Pastor Abraham really believed if Jerry had not shared what he did, he (Pastor Abraham) wouldn’t be able to share the message for the next night.
“We were expecting to lead worship at the meeting Sunday evening,” said Jerry, “but no one told the worship team there. So it worked out that we served them by filling in with their worship team and spending a lot of time doing personal ministry. It was a good meeting; the people and atmosphere were great.”
“The trip was better than we could have anticipated,” said Leslie. “The Lord used us in ministry in ways we could not have anticipated. We had wonderful, gracious host families. We had a chance to be tourists. The food, the cheese and the coffee were excellent!
“A big thank you to our team that took the time and expense to travel with us,” said Jerry. “Mike and Rene Greely, Jeff, Jan and Jay McKenzie, and, of course, Pastor Keith Abraham for inviting us to minister with him.”
Before returning home, Jerry and Leslie went to Nurthumberland, England for a couple days and nights and stayed with friends Martin and Rebecca Neil. “They treated us like royalty,” says Leslie. “The countryside and Rebecca’s cooking were wonderful. We received much encouragement from the Neils. We are grateful for our loving friends.”
After being home for a week, the Chapmans were off to Portland, Tennessee for the opening of Allie’s Place, a ministry center focused on worship through art and music. Suuquina and Quamaniq of Indigenous Messengers International and Wiconi partners, did an amazing job facilitating the event in their new not yet finished center.
“We met countless people they have ministered to from all over the world and came home with many new friends,” says Leslie.
Suuquina and Quamaniq protocaled all their guest and brought honor to each one in attendance. Worship was “over the top.” Many different musicians joined together for hours of abandonment.
January 5-8, Jerry joined Dale Wheeler and Richard Twiss at The Institute for World Christianity, sharing First Nations perspectives on culturally relevant ministry and worship. The Institute exists to heal divisions and to promote mutual understanding and fruitful collaboration among Christian leaders for all cultures, regions and traditions.
The Chapmans ask for your continued prayers for their ministry. “As you pray for us, we are asking that we receive clear direction from the Lord as we prayerfully contemplate this new season of 2007. Some places we are considering are Northern Canada and Siberia. As always finances and time away from work will be needed. Our God is Big!


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