Family Camp 2008

Check out these photos...

Head Lady Dancer Jodi Trevizo and
Head Man Dancer Casey Church


Bill Gowey was our Arena Director this year


Jacob & Gary Showing off their team spirit


NIVA (Northwest Indian Veterans Association) of Grand Ronde

Corey & Gina with some of the youth


John GrosVenor & Daniel Twiss


Casey Church

L-R: Jacob Treviso, Daniel Twiss, others

Tave Hando & Ian Twiss


A very old friend of Wiconi, Gary Foster


A very young friend of Wiconi
The son of Pastor Anwar from Pakistan

Micronesian Group

Ian & Tave again

Jim & Jan Utley


Elmer & his Baby Girl

Ladies of dignity

Giving Honor where Honor is due


Tiny Tots

Wiconi Drum, starting at the 12 position and going clockwise: Robert Soto, Darin Cadman, Jacob Trevizo, Bill Gowey, Richard Twiss


Tiersa Kejick


Rita Bear Gray & Randy Barnetson


MMmmmmm! Makin' Finger Licken Chicken

Bill & Richard


Grandpa's Pride... Robert Soto & grandson


L to R: Young Woodley, Ian & Richard Twiss,
Jacob Travizo

Richard, John GrosVenor, Tave Hando, Robert Soto, and Young Woodley


Bill & Jan Gowey

Dale & Lucy Wheeler


Randy & Cheryl Bear Barnetson


Just Hangin' out

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