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A Report From Gary Eastty On The Wiconi Volunteers
Wiconi-based volunteers kept busy 
Throughout the year, Wiconi-based volunteers have been active in several First Nations events.
In March, they participated in the Indian Education Powwow at Covington Elementary School in Vancouver, WA.  They helped to set up the powwow arena and vendors areas.  During the powwow, 
several volunteers helped in the kitchen serving food, while others kept the tables clean, acted as runners for the vendors, and did various errands.  This was the second year Wiconi volunteers have helped and both times, they received a great big thanks for a job well done!
In April, Gary and Mary Ann Eastty and their volunteers served for a second year at the Nez Perce Chief  Redheart Memorial at Ft. Vancouver, WA.  Volunteers helped prepare the dining area for the meal following the memorial.  According to Gary, serving the elders “is  top priority and where we put in most of our effort.” 
The purpose of volunteering is, of course, to serve. Also, “we are building good 
bridges through these service opportunities,” says Gary.
In May, Wiconi volunteers made our first contact with the “In Honor of Our Children” in 
Kelso, WA.  This was another Indian Education powwow held at an elementary school.  Since contact was made a little late for planning, they jumped right in and helped extensively with the clean up which was quite a job.  “We look forward to being with these people again next year and maybe participating in more ways.”
On June 16 and 17, our volunteers served at the Delta Park annual powwow in Portland, OR., setting up the parking area for the large crowds that will attend this local event.  According to Gary, “in our first year we had feedback that the help they received with the parking needs throughout the weekend enabled people to get in and out much easier than in previous years when parking was left to the driver.  Our contact has been very appreciative of our participation.”
The Pipe
Although not an official Wiconi volunteer event, part of our volunteer group will be traveling to Warm Springs, OR in June to the reservation for the 4th or 5th year.  This year they will participate in some Bible Studies offered at the local powwow.  They will also be helping with other needs as the powwow goes on throughout the weekend.  This group has also been serving at the Simnasho (Warm Springs, OR) Lincoln Day Powwow each February for the past several years.
36th Annual City of Roses Delta Park Powwow and Encampment, Portland, OR
(June 16-18)
Wiconi had six volunteers participate in this powwow.  This was our second year to work with the Delta Park committee.  We staked out the parking areas on Thursday evening in preparation for the weekend.  On Friday evening and all day Saturday we were on hand to help direct traffic into and out of the parking areas.  We had special areas set up for the Elders, Dancers, Vendors and Handicapped.  One of the interesting situations for us was that the main parking area was just outside two softball fields which had games going all day long.  We had to do some creative thinking of how to accommodate the large crowd on Saturday without having balls bouncing off people's cars. 
On November 4, 2006 Wiconi volunteers will be participating in the “Gathering of the Flutes,” sponsored by the Circle of Hope Cancer Survivor organization in Portland, OR.  Here again they will help with set up and clean up.  During the day the volunteers will be serving meals to the elders, helping with registration and the silent and verbal auctions.


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