Missio Dei Schedule

Nashville Schedule – Nov. 9-11, 06
Embracing God in the Global Church
Thursday, Nov. 9th
    7:00 PM
    Welcome & Protocol: Regional Cherokee Leader
    Worship: Jonathan Maracle
            Middle East Dancer – Prayer for Middle East
            Video clip from Pakistani Teams
            Dance dramatization on Ishmael. 

        Adrian Jacobs - Missions from the Margins: The Mission of Jesus is not about the strong to the weak, the civilized to the primitive, the rich to the poor, but  the broken and humble inviting people into the community of Heaven. It brings a needed critique and calls for balance and mutuality between historical mission  receiving  nations in the East and mission sending nations in the West as co-equal partners in Christ.
        Call to repentance & prayer
Friday, Nov. 10th
    9:30 AM
   Worship: Dancers & Suuqinna & Quamaniq
        Ray Aldred – The Gospel as Story; The Missio Dei is not about spiritual laws, principles or formulas, but an Invitation to the community of God. The Gospel and Christian faith must be reconsidered in the context of narrative theology, not a formulaic bias of Western systematic theology.
        Randy Woodley – The Shalom of God: Missions with a Concern for Social Justice and Holistic Community Transformation as part of the message of the Gospel.
    12:00 Lunch
    2:00 PM
        Mike Rynkiewich – Land and Identity: Land is more than dirt – it provided place, belonging and community.
    3:00 PM Three Workshops:
        Rita Bear-Gray & Michelle Clark: Developing a Relationship with God-the-Holy Spirit as Counselor, Comforter and Life Giver, not a supernatural being or   source of impersonal power or knowledge.
        Stanley Nwoji: The African Diaspora: Africa is no longer just a mission field, but the location of a new missionary wave that is impacting the Nations
        Suuqiina & Quamaniq – Men and Women Seeing Eye To Eye: The restoration of men and women as equal partners in the circle of life and the mission of God. Men and women are created to operate on an equal level within God’s divine order so that they can be face to face not standing upon or over one another.
    4:00 PM Dinner
    7:00 PM
    Worship: Strong Tower Worship Band
            African ladies dance team
            Black Gospel Choir
            Kettle Drum Singers
            Stanley Nwoji – African Diaspora 
        Brian McLaren – The missio Dei is a new day for missions that liberates the gospel from the American evangelical assumptions about individuality,    political ideologies and modernity; it calls for the whole church to reach to whole world within the context of mutuality and community. 
    African Song
     Prayer, reflection and personal ministry
Saturday, Nov. 11th
    10:00 AM
   Worship: Broken Walls & Charles and Siouxsan Robinson
        Terry LeBlanc – Missio Dei challenges the dualism of a western spirituality that divides life into false categories of natural and spiritual and provides a biblical pattern for recognizing the critical importance of a dynamic Native spirituality.
    12:00 Lunch
    2:00 PM Roundtable discussion / Q & A
            Stanley Nwoji
            Mike Rynkiewich
            Terry LeBlanc
            Rita Bear Gray
            Suuqiina & Quamaniq
            Adrian Jacobs
            Ray Aldred
    3:00 PM Break
    6:30 PM Worship: Bill Miller
             First Nations Dancers
             Ulallean Bag Piper
             Clip from ’96 WCGIP
             Casey Church – Prayer/Pipe Ceremony
        Richard & Katherine Twiss - Missio Dei is a call to radical community expressed through diversity – This is God’s heart and plan for all of creation that finds its ultimate and final fulfillment through Jesus Christ, the Waymaker.
     Call to prayer and invitation to commitment to be a vital part of this next wave of global missions
            Jonathan, Bill & Broken Walls
      Close with social dancing, celebration and worship


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