Special Luncheon

To kick off the event a special luncheon is being held with national church leaders this week. Brian McLaren will be our guest speaker at the luncheon and also at the Missio Dei. Please join us on Friday, November 10, from 12:00-- 2:30PM. It will be held in Franklin at The Factory and will be catered by “Famous Dave’s Barbecue Restaurant.” There will be a $25.00 fee to cover the food and venue.
Please contact Jodi Treviso at office@wiconi.com 
or by calling 360-546-1867 to register.
Brian McLaren Luncheon
We are very honored and excited to announce that Brian McLaren has agreed to partner with us to speak at a special luncheon during the Missio Dei Gathering on Friday, November 10, from 12:00 - 2:30. It will be held in Franklin at The Factory and will be catered by “Famous Dave’s Barbecue Restaurant.” There will be a $25.00 fee to cover the food and venue.
Brian has become a friend to many of us in the First Nations community. In some circles he is very controversial, but as we have read his books and sat in conversation with him, we have found in him a humility and passion for living an authentic biblical faith. Yes, he is he asking some discomforting questions about common assumptions many American Christians take for granted about the Bible, church structures, missions, role of women and colonialism,  but they are some of the same questions many of us Native leaders have been raising for the past decade. He is a leading voice in the “emergent church.” Some say, what is the “emerging church.”
Taken from a Christianity Today interview with McLaren (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2004/011/12.36.html), the author writes, "Right now Emergent is a conversation, not a movement," he [McLaren] says. "We don't have a program. We don't have a model. I think we must begin as a conversation, then grow as a friendship, and see if a movement comes of it." "Evangelicalism's model," he says has fundamentally been about getting yourself 'saved'—in old-style evangelicalism—or improving your life in the new style. Either way, the Christian life is really about you and your needs. Once y our needs are met, then we think about how you can serve the church. And then, if there's anything left over, we ask how the church might serve the world." He starts drawing again. "But what if it went the other way? This big circle is the world—the world God loved so much that he sent his Son. Inside that circle is another one, the church, God's people chosen to demonstrate his love to the world. And inside that is a small circle, which is your self. It's not about the church meeting your needs, it's about you joining the mission of God's people to meet the world's needs."
There is a website http://www.brianmclaren.net/ that has lots of helpful information . I would highly recommend his book, “A New Kind of Christian” as an excellent introduction to the emergent or “postmodern” conversation.
The Emergent Church is asking how relevant the church can remain to a changing world if fundamental changes are not made. We are saying, when the 9-out-of-10 Native people reject Christianity as the “White Man’s Religion” after 500 years of evangelization, what relevance does colonial Christianity have with us as First Nations people? Should we not be challenging the churches assumptions about how missions IS STILL being done by the dominant culture church among our people today! If not, can we expect the next 500 years to be any different, with our people devastated by alcohol, poverty, shame and brokenness, with hope so close in Jesus Christ.
This Missio Dei Gathering will be a pivotal time of transformation and empowerment for most of the people who attend. We have begun receiving registrations and encouraging emails from across the country and other lands. It is a conversation every sincere believer needs to become informed about and engaged in. Make plans now to join us for this historic gathering in Franklin Tennessee, Nov. 9-11. To register for either the Gathering or the luncheon, please call our office at 360-546-1867. Hope to see you there.
Peace and blessings,
Richard & Katherine Twiss, co-conveners – The Missio Dei Gathering
Co-founders, Wiconi International


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