Chapman Report Drumspeaker

 Drumspeaker to the Nations

This is the ministry of Jerry and Leslie Chapman who often participate with Wiconi in various events. These are some of their recent adventures.

June 10-14, Jerry and Leslie were in Ottawa For the “I Forgive” Gathering. Jerry was asked to come and intercede on the “native drum kit”. He had the honor of being able to play with each worship team. What a blessing. There were literally thousands of people in attendance to witness First Nations people’s acceptance of apologies made by the prime minister of Canada two years ago. It was the culmination gathering after Kenny Blacksmith and his team traveled across Canada over the past year, to bring this apology to the attention of the Aboriginal people of Canada and ask them to forgive the government and church for all the atrocities done to the them for generations.  The only way to describe the final gathering is powerful. There was repentance and reconciliation between all people groups of Canada that weekend.  There was worship, prayer and dance, represented by so many people groups in very culturally relevant ways. We count it an honor and a privilege to have been asked to be a part of such a  God ordained, historic event.

One of three drums made in our drum building shop headed for I Forgive Gathering

 June 18, We were honored to be invited to the Chinook First Salmon ceremony at Fort Columbia. It was a great day, we were so happy to be witnesses as the Chinook people reconnect with their roots through tribal celebrations that are hundreds of years old.

June 24-29, Our entire worship team traveled to Lawton Oklahoma, for the Sing to the Mountains first annual music festival. A true adventure! Only one person on our team of 8 had ever even been to Oklahoma. We met up with several old friends and had the opportunity to meet many new people as well.

July 17, Our team gathered with some of the Chinook people in Raymond WA. Joining us were Cheryl Bear and family for a day of worship in the park. Thank you to Pastor Tony & Lisa at Liberation Church for all their hard work in putting this event together. Also we want to thank all our friends and dancers who came out to support us.


July 18-20, Paddle to Makah, Neah Bay WA. This was our first time to get in on the canoe journey. Wow! How exciting to be a part of such a huge gathering of First Nations people once again reconnecting with their roots through cultural traditions and celebrations. Over 70 thousand people in attendance.  We want to give a big thank you to Jeff and Jan Walters for loaning us their new camper for the trip. It was awesome. We could really get used to traveling like that! 

July 30-Aug 1, Wiconi Family Camp The funny thing that kept being said this year was “This is the best camp ever! Wait didn’t we say that last year? Ah but it’s true it just gets better every year.”  We obviously were just 3 of many that had a great time at Family Camp. It was so much fun to have our 5 year old granddaughter Ava along with us. Our talking circle was on culturally relevant worship.

There was a group of about 30 people and basically the time turned into Spirit led worship and intercession. The hour seemed like just a few minutes no one wanted to leave. The Pow Wow was over the top and Jerry and Ava had a great time dancing their prayers together.



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