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Have You Seen His Star, Robert Soto

Red Nativity-One Holy Night, Robbie Bee & Paul LaRouche

Christmas on Turtle Island, Jonathan Maracle

American Indian Christmas (in ten languages), Jana

Sacred Season, Vince Redhouse and Abraham Marcor

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Indian Life Newspaper 


What is it?

Excerpts taken from their website:

Our Primary Identity
Indian Life Newspaper is a bi-monthly, evangelical, Aboriginal newspaper whose purpose is to present
positive news and stories of what is happening among Native North Americans (First Nations,
Aboriginal, and Indian) communities in the U.S. and Canada. By doing so, it is our prayer that Native
North Americans will find hope, healing, and honor through our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. With
offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Indian Life Newspaper is published by Intertribal Christian
Communications, a non-profit, charitable ministry.

Our Principal Mandate
Since 1979, our primary mandate has been to advance the Christian faith among Native North
American (First Nations, Aboriginal, and Indian) communities in the US and Canada by reporting
on significant events happening on Turtle Island as well as sharing stories of hope, healing and restoration
within the Native community. We are doing this by means of publishing our award winning,
bi-monthly Indian Life newspaper, as well as other culturally relevant books and spiritual resources.

Our Purpose
To see Native people come to know, love and worship the true Creator, Jesus Christ and through
Him, find hope, healing and honor so they can take their rightful place of leadership within the
Christian community.

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